BUJC/Wilkes Campus Newspapers 1934+

The Bison Stampede - 1934-1935
The Bucknell Beacon - 1936-1947
The Wilkes Beacon - 1947+


This site is an ongoing project, the objective of which is to digitize all known surviving copies of the campus newspapers published at Bucknell Junior College, Wilkes College, and Wilkes University. This includes the Beacon and its predecessor, the Bison Stampede.
The Stampede had long been forgotten, but a copy was found in the papers of the late Norma Sangiuliano in 2005. Subsequently, a nearly complete run was found in the Bucknell University Archives and copies were graciously provided to Wilkes.
The Bucknell Archives has also been helpful in providing several missing copies of the Beacon prior to 1947.


Dr. Harold E. Cox
Professor of History Emeritus and University Archivist
Phone: 1-570-408-4226
e-mail: harold.cox@wilkes.edu


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Most recent additions posted on 15 February 2008
All known issues of the Bison Stampede have been posted.
All known issues of the Bucknell Beacon have been posted.
Known issues of the Wilkes Beacon have been posted from 1948 through May 1969.
Direct connection has been established to Wilkes Beacon on the web from 2001 to date.

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